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As the sun rises may your hope rise up in me. Lord as the birds sing so may your love flow out of me. As the light floods into this new day, May your joy shine through me. Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. I am thankful for the beauty of the sun and Your other creations. Despite sometimes forgetting to announce my thanks, I am overjoyed by the wonders around me.

Thank you for my life. Please give me the strength and courage to get through the joys, challenges, and happenings of the day. I thank you for my life and for all that I have; I commit this day to you.

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No matter what happens, I know you have me in the palm of your hand. More specifically, my thoughts, words, and actions. Please be with me throughout the day and help me face whatever comes my way. Most importantly, help me to reflect and live out my life in a way that is honouring to you. Father as You guide my thoughts and actions, please use me to bless others and for your purposes more broadly. Rather than seeking my own will, help me to be in line with Yours.

The Hail Mary

Thank you, God, for all you do for me. In the name of your son Jesus, I pray. Please help my children, friends, and family to see, feel and experience your love. Lord, I thank you for the wonderful people I have in my life and I ask that you guide their paths and bring them closer to you.

Catholic Morning Prayers

Thank you, Lord, for giving me life. Also for loving me. What would I do without you, Lord. Thank You Lord, for my home and the beautiful family. I love you, father. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Keep them all and me from harm, protect us on our right and on our left. Lord drive away darkness, danger, and negativity.

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Cover us under your Mighty Wings. Go before me Lord and clear my path. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.


Fill me with wisdom, so that I will be able to do my job properly. Lord fill my heart with love, passion, and energy. Help me to work to the best of my ability. Allow me to excel in my work and bear fruits. Enlarge my responsibilities at work and allow me to prosper. I present my children before you and I ask you to guide them. Please help them make good decisions which will have a positive impact on their future. Equip them for whatever plans you may have in store for them, please help them to understand the necessity of making time for You in prayer.

Lord let them hear Your inspiring voice and the teachings of the wise people in their lives. Give them peace of mind and boost their confidence as they walk in this world. I pray that they will find their place in life and in society and not wander and waste the years of their lives. Help them among their friends to courageously stand up for You being example in words, in behavior, in love, in attitude, in faith, and in purity. Lord, please help my children to be good stewards of their abilities and become the people you want them to be. I accept abundance into my life.

Also I accept success and well-being. I speak into existence: Perfect health for my body, plentiful wealth for my family and future generations. Perfect happiness and joy in my heart, clarity and peace in my mind. Thank you, Lord, my provider. Heavenly Father thank you for bringing them into my life. I feel like I have to carry the burden alone.

Words like overwhelmed, distressed and exhausted seem to describe me at the moment. I am not sure how to ask you to carry my heavy load, so please show me how. Take it from me, Lord. Let me rest and be refreshed so that my heart will not be so burdened in the morning. Please guide me, mould me and make me into the person You want me to be.

St. Bart's - Catholic Daily Prayers

Please guide my heart and strengthen me if and when trials come into my path. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress. Help me, Lord, to follow Your command to love You and to love others. I need Your guidance to live out the day and to honor You. Please help me.

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